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​ Blue Lotus Healing Arts 

Bonding Ancient & Modern Wisdom

"Growing in Consciousness"

Having a birthday party or special occasion get-together, or a gathering of a few friends and want something unique and meaningful to do together? Check out these classes lasting from one 2-hour activity to a 4-hour activity to a multi-scheduled weekly series. Each scheduled event will be on Zoom some  may also be in-person.  Rev Dr. Joy Kachel will be your live facilitator. Call today to schedule your “Event.” Classes are introductory and designed to stimulate interest in further study. Listed prices are per person a minimum of 2 people required to schedule at these special prices. Masks required for in-person classes. Text or voicemail 509-520-1188 to schedule. Two or more sign ups needed for these special rates.

Event Names:

  • Working with Angels & Guides
  • Working with Etheric Fingers
  • Working with Breath
  • Working with Guided Imagery
  • On Being an Empath
  • Using a Pendulum
  • Muscle Testing
  • Working with Intuition
  • Removing Attachments & Cords
  • Clearing People, Things & Spaces
  • Working for the Healing of the Planet
  • Forgiveness is Healing
  • Accessing Past Life Memories
  • Setting Protection
  • Distance Viewing
  • Working with the Shadow Self
  • Working with Tarot
  • Working with Runes
  • Working with Numerology 

Spiritual Topics & Book Studies

The Gospel According to Jesus

7 Spiritual Laws of Success

Teach Only Love

The Mystics

Introduction to World Religions

Rumi & the Sufi Way of Love

The Hope – Sacred Activism

Prayer & Meditation:

Centering Prayer

Introduction to Meditation

Meditation for Inner Harmony

A Course in Miracles - Study Group

CSL Life Circle